Experience Sharing

Life has challenges, on every step to throw;
This is how it builds us, by solving we grow.

The dawn of one of the vital phases of life (school life) has touched somewhere deep down: So I want to thank immensely all my teaching and nonteaching
staff, who always provided me a conducive atmosphere to learn and gain a lot. My school life focussed and carved out my all round development. Life teaches us a lesson after posing a question but a teacher questions after teaching us. This 14-year life has not been less than a roller-coaster ride but thanks to my dear teachers, parents and all those
who believed in me and helped me to rise up, every single time I fell. Last of all, I want you all to understand and believe:
Every great man was once a helpless baby; And
every huge structure was once a blue print.
- Mohit Tiwari (XII-SCI)
As I sit down to write these words,
I find it seemingly impossible task to pen down just a page worth of memories that I have shared with this school. St .Francis has given me the best 14 years of my life and I will be forever indebted to them with utmost gratitude. Being the Head girl is more than just wearing a badge and having something to put on our curriculum vitae. It is about taking a fair route, all the time. It gave me an opportunities to put myself in to putting my everything into my last year of my school. I owe my accomplishments to the support and encouragement of my family, friends, teachers and juniors. They have always been The subjects of my actions and the object of my thoughts and compliments of my endeavours. My advice to my juniors is to respect the elders and to humble and modest. Let St. Francis convent school, Raisen continue to be a true temple of God, helping all its students to be successful in life.0
Prachi Bagde (XII-SCI)

EXPEThis year also NCC (National Cadet Corps) has maintained its dignity very well. This year 50 new cadets got recruited in N.C.C. On  15 August the NCC cadets once again proved their worth as they bagged 2nd position in the district level parade.This year Master Arpit Tiwari was made the head of NCC of the school at the installation ceremony of the
school Cabinet. The NO was Mr. Surendra Rajput. First time in the schools history the first batch of NCC cadets attempted the NCC exam to cross the first level of NCC training which is the A grade exam and came out with flying colours. This session 2013 -14 proved
to be a golden session for N.C.C. students. The new batch of 50 students attended a camp which was intended to help them to cope with challenges of life. Thus NCC is proving a very new experience to the cadets by making them strong and brave to cope with the stark realities of life.
- Arpit Tiwari (XI Com)
The year – 2013 witnessed Social development and Social awareness among the students as SUNI Family worked for this cause enthusiastically. The SUNI Family began its journey by forming new groups and leaders under the guidance of our vice principal Sr. Reena. They drew inspiration and motivation from the prayer and core meetings conducted monthly. The students were motivated and awakened to social awareness, as they visited jail and old age homes on the occasions of Raksha bandhan, Diwali and Christmas.
One of the most important events was Sadbhavana week. With good thoughts and attitude, the students set out to other schools such as Swami Vivekananda and Patandev Hr. Sec. School spreading awareness among students of the importance of cleanliness, education and the social evils. Love offering was one of the holy practices, through which SUNI Family remained successful in helping the good children by providing study materials,
clothes etc... Students performed street plays and other programmes to create social awareness among the villagers of Paghneshwar. The SUNI Family conducted a fete, on the occasion of childrens day in the school
campus, with a purpose of raising fund for the poor and needy. They were successful in it.  On 15 December they visited Sevadham Ashram in Sagar – a home for the mentally retarded and handicapped children. They distributed study materials and clothes and conducted a few competitions and games. In the month of December the students of SUNI Family celebrated Christmas in jail. The students performed programmes and distributed blankets to them. SUNI Family successfully completed its journey of service in 2013, with
the conviction that we can manifest Gods love through social service.
- Akshat Soni (X A)
June 5 2013 was the day when we got a golden chance to be the members of Scout/ Guide/ Cub/ Bulbul. The students were ever ready to serve the Nation. Regular practices are held on every I and IV Saturday. It is done under the guidance of Sr.Reena ANO of Scout and Guide under the command of Sumit Malviya and Aditi Dubey, the captains of Scouts
and Guides respectively. The whole group was commanded by Mr.Susheel Billore, Scout and Guide incharge, Raisen District. It was a great moment for us to be a part of Scout and Guide from 9 – 13 November 2013. Our 9 Scouts and 12 Guides attended the first Camp in
Kharbai campus, Raisen. At the camp, besides being taught how to be self disciplined, we also learnt about node-making techniques and the history of our glorious Scout and Guide. Like Scout and Guide the students of Cub and Bulbul are also very active in the school and are always ready to be at the service of others with their little hands and big and generous hearts. Participation in camps and various other activities like social awareness rallies in the past 9 months has helped the cadets not only to fulfil the basic requirements of scout and guide training but also to become sensitive to various issues.
-Aditi Dubey (VIII-A)

15 December 2013 , was the day when our joy knew no bounds as we, Shalini, Juhi, Neha, Vandana and myself Faiza, along with our teachers, Sr. Udaya , our principal, Sr. Reena , vice principal, Sr. Marline, Francy madam, were all set to start our journey to Sevadham Ashram, an orphanage in Sagar district of M.P.. Certainly, we all had an amazing and morale – boosting trip, where we encountered the stark realities of life jovially. We reached the ashram by 11:30p.m.. We were warmly welcomed by those orphans, disabled and retarded. But, by observing their decency, courage, discipline, confidence, enthusiasm and more over, a positive outlook towards the realities of life made it difficult for us to call them differently – abled. They were the true children of God, satisfied and contented with what they had. They had no grudge towards anyone including God. They just believe that nothing is impossible and are working on it, day in and day out. We conducted many games including a small programme in which all participated energetically and enthusiastically. The visit to sevadham was an eye – opener. We all thanked God for everything we have received from his merciful bounty. Lets always remember the words:

Dont curse God for what we lack,
Always thank him for what we have.

- Faiza Siddiqui

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