Recommendations To Parents

Though a school can do a lot for a child,it cannot do everything.The home is the place where he or she gets his/ her first education and training in citizenship.Apart from teachers and school , parents are the greatest teachers of the child at home. A child learns to admire and appreciate others and his/her behaviour in the school reflects the atmosphere given at home. The school invites the parents to help by giving practical suggestions in transforming the child to a be a better citizen of tomorrow.

  • Parents /Guardians must understand the school belongs to their children and should not indulge in causing disrepute to the management. Parents should avoid dictating to the management but are always open to give suggestion.
  • Parents must co-operate with the school authorities upon punctuality, discipline,personal cleanliness and preparation for daily lessons.
  • Parents ,guardians and other interested persons may not visit the child or interview their teachers during the school hours without written sanction of the principal. The teaching staff should be contacted preferably during their off-periods or on every second Saturdays of the months. In case of emergency,students may be contacted through the school office.
  • Any pupil who is seriously ill or suffering from any infectious disease, should not be sent to school. If he/she is likely to be absent from school for three days or more, the principal should be informed at once. On recovery, he/she must submit a medical certificate stating that the child is fully cured.
  • While communicating with the principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name, class and section of their children.
  • On the working days parents can meet the principal between 09.00 am to 11.00 am(Monday-Friday)
  • We assure you that every guardian will be made to see that child studies very well and acquires good habits. For this we need your cooperation without which our effort will not have the real results. The syllabus and daily works will be given in the daily dairy.
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